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Over 10+ years of experience in offshore IT services. Highly talented team of English-speaking software developers, mobile app developers, Web developers, website designers, mobile app UI and UX designers, blockchain developers, SEO experts, social media experts, SEO copywriters, technical writers, mobile marketers, email marketers, QA professionals, digital marketing experts and others guided by PMI-trained, PMP-certified Project Managers, software architects and proactive team leaders.
Core technologies delivered have been Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Platforms (Linux). JavaScript Frameworks, PHP, ASP.NET, Angular, Laravel and Sun/Java Technologies,Swift, Objective-C, Android Studio, Kotlin, Xamarin, PHP7, CakePHP, Codeigniter, yiiframework.
Vast experience with international offshore projects (95% of our clients are overseas).

Flexibility and Scalability

With our client-centric business model, we serve our clients in their preferred business operation hours – ‘round-the-clock business enabling services’.
Our geographical location enables 24×7 service offering and reduction in turn-around time due to time zone differences.

We have a diversified talent pool and local availability of skilled experts to provide quick scalability.


CAG's Technical Services follows a well-architectured software development methodology. Tailored to meet international standards and client expectations, our Methodology ensures proper risk management, seamless work flow and deadline-oriented development.
It has built-in processes to monitor stringent adherence to quality, consistency in performance and accomplishment of project milestones.

Business Model

With commitment and dedication, CAG'S Technical Service's resourceful teams provide ingenious, end-to-end IT solutions to clients.

Understanding our customers’ requirements, we pilot their vision, architect their dreams and bring success to their business ventures. Our Business Model caters to the needs and financial limitations of the SMB sector (Small and Medium Business).

Meet The Team

Ing.Carlos Philippe
Ing.Carlos PhilippeICT Manager & Web developer
Grégory Calix
Grégory CalixNetwork engineer & security
Louis Philippe Delva
Louis Philippe DelvaGraphic designer